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"surprise gift"?

When you take massive action…you will be rewarded.  It's a law of the universe.  The seeds you plant every day will eventually turn into giant fruit bearing trees.
You took action by listening to my podcast and trusting me with your email address. Thank you!  (You did add me as a save sender in your email list right?).  You are continuing to take action by reading this email and going through the course. 
As promised, the links to your fast track training are below. I want you to devour the course.  Do you remember how I told you that I was going to send you a "surprise gift"? 
In addition to the video training, I am going to be sending you an email mini-training every day to put you in the right mind set.  When you get my email tomorrow, make sure you open it and get ready to attack the day.  Look out for my email every day and before you know it, you will be ready to go out and make your first five-figure paycheck in this business. 
In my next email,  I am going to share with you my secret real estate technique that will enable you to make money in real estate without cash, credit, or experience.  In the meantime, the links for the fast track training are below.

250k Business Credit & 100k Corporate Credit Training

Mark Walters Presents: 250k Business Credit & 100k Corporate Credit Training Seminar | 2013

Thursday, September 5, 2013 3:00 PM - 4:30 PM ED

Webinar Registration

You need to be at this event if you're:
1)   Sick of using your personal money and credit to fund deals
2)   Short on cash and can't fund profitable deals/investments
3)   Tired of risking your family's credit for your business
4)   Lack the confidence to raise money
5)   Ready for the solution?

Join us by registering below, we'll be discussing how to grow your company by building Business Credit Lines and investing them wisely. Here are the highlights:
1)   250k Business Credit Lines
2)   Cash Access to Lines
3)   Business Consulting and Guidance
4)   Non-Recourse Corporate Credit
5)   Unsecured Credit Lines

Join us for this Live event with Nationally Acclaimed Finance Experts Ari Page and Mike Banks who will be giving away industry insider secrets in this Educational Seminar on how to create unsecured business credit without using tax returns -- or proving income. This also helps boost your personal credit, but NONE of these business credit lines show up on your personal credit report.

Keep your notepad out;  If you are serious about acquiring business credit join us for this very useful educational seminar.  NOTE: There is no charge for this live event.
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ormally a 96% discount and 3 complete PRIVATE MONEY systems for just $40 would be enough for me to say, "you snooze, you lose", but...

...because we got nearly 76 emails "reminding" us that last weekend was Labor Day and there was "no way" to get ALL 3 SYSTEMS during the Private Money Blowout SUPERSALE...

I've decided to RE-OPEN the SUPERSALE and let another 36 systems go (4 are already gone, only 31 remain).


These are the EXACT 3 systems (normally available for over $3,280+), that Terry used to find one 3 million dollar lender to fund his entire business.  Here's what he said:

"Rob, I got over $3,000,000 from one private lender on my first meeting following your system and that's after trying for over a year with no success.  Thanks, your systems really work and I recommend every investor add it to their library."  Terry

Most people fail to get private money for 1 simple reason.

They do what everyone else tries to do.

Want to learn the right way that really works?


 You get 3 complete systems.

>> Scripts
>> Paperwork
>> Resources
>> Find Lenders
>> Close the deal
>> Just $40

These are my 3 BEST SELLING Private Money Systems bundled together for the first time for 1 ridiculously LOW PRICE.

This is your second (and final) chance because if it wasn't for my team printing and showing me how many emails we got from people that missed out because of the holiday weekend, I would never re-open SUPERSALE.

They convinced me to do it for you.

This is your time.

Now go flip a house,

Rob Swanson

p.s. Even if you've tried before and failed, if you follow the steps and the UNIQUE APPROACH you'll learn inside, you'll be on your way to easily funding every deal you find.  Don't miss it:


"Belief creates actual fact."

I was at a Mastermind group with a guy
who runs a $25 million dollar biz... and 
my biggest "aha" moment was a simple 
but PROFOUND question he shared. 
I can't get it out of my head. 

Before I tell you what it is...

Think on this... American philosopher 
and psychologist William James said, 
"Belief creates actual fact."
Ask yourself, "Does your belief about 
what's possible for you... affect your 

What if you were able to destroy your 
self-limiting beliefs once and for all... so 
you can finally realize your true potential?

Well, that's exactly what the simple 
but profound question shared at the 
Mastermind can do for you.

Are you ready for it? Come closer...

Here it is:

Why not me?

I'm sure you've set a goal and then heard 
that annoying voice in your head say, 
"You can't do that."

Why can't you?

I'm here to tell you that YOU CAN.

There have been countless people who 
have gone before you who have been at 
a FAR greater disadvantage... but have
achieved the pinnacle of success.

Therefore, you can too.

It doesn't matter what your current 
financial situation is... or if your credit 
is good or bad... or what terribly difficult 
circumstances your were born into... or 
who "did you wrong"... or what color 
you are... or how old you are... or [insert 
the excuse that you've been telling 

Why can't you close your first or next 
deal by October 1st?

You can.

Why can't you finally see the success you 
want and deserve in your real estate biz?

You can.

What can't you get $10 million dollars in 
private money to fund your deals?

You can.

Why can't you follow your dreams and 
live the life you've always imagined?

You can.

Look, I'm not sure what's going on in 
your life right now... but however good 
or bad you perceive it to be... it can get
better. It will get better.

Especially when...
-- you learn lessons from your mistakes
-- you surround yourself with the right 
-- you work your *ss off 
-- you don't take "no" for an answer
-- you stop blaming other people for any 
   lack of success in your biz or life
-- you get up every time you get knocked 

That's when you'll see success.

Write this on a piece of paper and hang it 
on your wall...


Your time has come. You can do and be 
and have whatever you want in life.

Is it going to take a lot of work?


Is it going to take persistence?

You bet.

Are you going to hit the inevitable 

You better believe it.

And you're going to make 1 of 2 choices...




I read an email earlier today that said, "Rob, why is your private money system any better than all the other systems?"

Good question, right?


Mine work.

In fact, my top strategies have been copied by one of the top "other" private money systems out there (I've been given credit for everything so it's cool with me).

But heck, when all 3 of my best systems are just $40, you might as well get everything instead of the just the "copy version".  

Don't you think?

The entire script framework is yours, 100% my compliments.

Now go flip a house,