Investor-Buyers Quickly Flip

Tomorrow night, Tuesday May 4th, I will be interviewing an REI
expert who will teach you 33 distinct -- and guaranteed -- ways
to find wholesale and short sale deals in your area.

Then... when you find those deals (or if you have deal right now
you're trying to sell)... you can send an email to his massive list
of investor-buyers so you can quickly flip your deal and get paid.

There are over 950,000 investor-buyers on this enormous list... and
they are buying deals left and right in almost every county of the
United States!

It's not uncommon for the investor-buyers on this list to buy a
deal within 2 to 3 hours after it has been offered to the list!

Josh (the REI expert who's on my webinars tomorrow night) specializes
in flipping wholesale and short sale deals.

He's done over 450 of these deals just in the last few years...
earning him millions of dollars! (He is currently earning over one
million dollars per year in real estate.)

Right now -- on average -- Josh gets paid on a deal every 4 days!
And it's no wonder why he's getting paid on so many deals... it's
because he has a massive investor-buyers list who buys all his

By getting on the webinar tomorrow night you will have the
opportunity to offer any deal you have to Josh's list.

And if you don't have any deals to offer, Josh will teach you what
he calls his "6 steps to $6K in 16 days." This is exactly how he
wholesales houses. It's very simple. It's step-by-step. Anyone
can do this from anywhere. You can even do this in your spare
time, if you have a full-time job. Just follow his step-by-step
system, and you are guaranteed to find wholesale deals (using NONE
of your own money).

And then you can offer these deals to his list of 950,000

These wholesale deals will be the quickest and easiest money you
can earn as an investor... because the investor-buyers on Josh's
massive list love wholesale deals.

Here's what else Josh will talk about on the webinar tomorrow night...

> Every once in a while, you may come across a deal that does
require some money down (short sales). When you come across one of
those deals... Josh has another list that he calls his "money
partners list" who will let you use their money to get the deal
done. (Or you can partner with Josh on these deals, and he'll do
the loss mitigation for you, fund the deal for you, and split the
profits with you 50-50.)

> Josh has also perfected a method that allows you to sell your
deals to "FHA buyers" without any seasoning issues. He'll teach
you about this on the webinar.

> Josh is now interested in doing wholesale deals and short sale
deals with other investor-partners around the country. He's got a
very competent staff and very efficient systems in place (that he
will also teach you about)... and he can easily handle additional
deals. Josh calls this his "Apprentice Partnering Program" and if
the two of you partner on a deal... you'll split it 50-50, but Josh
and his team will do most of the work.

Sign-up for my webinar right now so you can start doing deals like
Josh (or with him)... and get access to his huge, responsive list of
over 950,000 investor-buyers who are buying deals today. (Many
times within hours after the deal is submitted to the list.)
If you'd like to have immediate access to an extremely
responsive list of 950,000 investor-buyers who are buying deals at
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