Friday, May 28, 2010

Potential Private Lenders

Let's face it, the reason most investors don't have any
private lenders is fear. It's as basic as that. It's a fear
of the unknown. How do I know that? I've been there
too. I was comfortable doing things the way I had always
done them. I went to the bank, I jumped through their
hoops of proving I was qualified for their loan, they gave
me the money, and I paid them back the way they said. It
was a familiar routine in my business of buying and selling

However, when I became a full-time investor and wanted
tons of quickly accessible cash, the bank's painstakingly slow
process was no longer acceptable.

Even when I knew for certain what I wanted, I procrastinated.
I was not able to do nearly as many deals as I wanted
because I waited so long to take action. The thing is, if there
is something you are afraid to do, you can always find a
reason to not do it.

Sometimes we won't even admit to ourselves that we are
afraid. We just can't get to it because we are too busy, too
tired, or focused on other "more important" issues.

But then, that didn't solve the whole problem. I was still too
shy to approach people who I knew would benefit from my

I remember sitting in my doctor's office and being too
uncertain of myself to tell him about my program. I didn't
have the nerve to ask for the money. That day, we both lost.
I wanted money to run my business and he missed out on
earning a tremendous interest rate.

Once I recognized what was holding me back, I became
educated in learning how to get what I wanted and how to
handle private funds once I got them. That gave me the
foundation of knowledge.

I am so grateful today that I got a solid real estate education
so I can now confidently let potential private lenders know that
I have a great opportunity for both of us!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Financial Freedom,

If you're serious about financial freedom, and you never want to have to worry about money every again, please keep reading for all the important details.

Today's new economy has created the greatest opportunity in history for you to become completely financially independent through investing in Real Estatet. The main problem people have though, is having enough money to get into the deals. That's the hurdle. The money to get into their first deal, or just their next deal.

FACT: Private Money will allow you to get into more deals.
FACT: You can acquire any types of valuable real estate through using OPM (Other People's Money).
FACT: It doesn't matter if you have bad credit, or no credit at all..If you find the money to get into the deal, the bank will fund you.

I will be conducting a training session where I am going to show you the 3 ways to acquire all the private money you will ever need to fund your real estate deals. I am going to show you exactly where you can go to get the funds to get into your next deal.

Government Deal Funding Programs

Investor did you ever wonder how the big time investors fund their multi-million dollar commercial investments?

Yes, there's seller financing, conventional financing, private money, and more, but often times there's a well-guarded secret ingredient mixed in that can help:
* Decrease the amount of private money needed
* Provide tenants in multi-family properties
* Offset taxes making the deal more profitable

What can do all of this and more?

Government Deal Funding Programs created specifically for Real Estate Investors and Developers

Tomorrow night at 9:00pm EST / 6:00pm PST, I'm going to be hosting a first-ever interview with government deal funding expert Sean Carpenter on how he gets funding for his deals, what programs are available and more.

Spaces are very limited for this special interview and I've been hounding Sean for months to do this call with us as I know how important financing is to getting deals done in today's market.

This call is tomorrow night at 9:00pm EST / 6:00pm PST, and since lines are limited, I urge you to reserve your spot right away before we're full. Find out more and pre-register by visiting:

p.s. Sean's a busy guy, doing his own deals and consulting with his clients on government funding programs available for their projects, and I feel quite fortunate that I was able to secure this call with him. You'll kick yourself if you miss my webinar with him tomorrow. Find out why here:

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Build Multiple Streams of Income

ello Investor,

On Friday I told you about Josh White...

...How he can multiply your website sales by a factor
of 2x, 3x, 4x, or even more...

...And how he’s giving you FREE access to the very same
resources he’s used to guide his private clients to 7-figure

I’ve been working with him personally, and I directly know
a business he took from weenie monthly sales to over
$100,000 a month. And then there’s the one he jumped
from $500,000 to over a million pretty much the moment
they implemented 4 of his ideas.

It sounds crazy, but it’s true. This guy is the real deal.

And since most of our subscribers are looking for solid
money making strategies that are not real estate based...
and want to build multiple streams of serious, significant
income, we’re sharing this information with you today.

Right now, Josh is giving away 2 (yes 2) KILLER resources
that have been PROVEN to boost website sales by MULTIPLES.
That means 100%, 200%, 300% sales growth... and beyond.

This is the EXACT SAME INFORMATION he’s using to take his
private clients from struggling - to cranking out 6 figures

Securing Private Funds The Easy Way

From the desk of Thomas Kish,
National Business Credit Expert.

So why Private Money?

There are 5 Really Great Reasons I do it!

1. Speed: Securing Private Money funding is a lot faster than
getting a conventional lender to release money.

2. No Credit Checks: If you haven't been an angel with your
finances, funding becomes almost impossible to find, unless
it's private money. Private Money lends on the deal and not
on you.

3. Unlimited Funds: You're not limited to the banks, if you
have a stellar property, you will find the funds.

4. You're in Control: The more you know about private money,
the more you can be in control of the loan rather than the loan
owning and controlling you.

5. You Can Make Offers With Confidence: Probably the best
thing about hard money is that you can make an offer on a
great deal and know that the funding will be there.

Learn how to get the 5 top benefits on Thursday Night!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

New Finding Private Lenders Video

Hey Everyone,

Hot off the presses...

1. My New Finding Private Lenders Video...

2. Alternatives To High Risk Mortgage Refinancing...

3. Super Bunny...

My New Finding Private Lenders Video...

Watch my latest video on finding cash for deals
by going to...

Alternatives To High Risk Mortgage Refinancing...

Most investors find themselves in a cash crunch at one time
or another. Vacancies, renovations, changes in mortgage terms
and interest rates, municipal fees and taxes, it can all add up.

Read the rest of this article by going to...

Super Bunny...

So yesterday I was mowing the back 40 here on my ranch.

Picture a riding lawn mower tearing down everything in it's path.

Then with my turbo powered weed eater, I was chopping
down the growth around the citrus trees...

When all of a sudden...out pops this bunny!

How did it survive all my gas powered machines that
are built to tear apart? Heck if I know!


Be defensive. Look for chances to survive and get ahead.
ACT! If this bunny would have stayed in it's place without
acting, it would have been clippings...but it ACTED!

Now go have some fun and I'll share
more ways for you to earn cash soon...

And remember, whatever it is,
I know YOU can do it!

Warm Regards,

Mark Walters~
3rd generation real estate investor

HIT THIS LINK for Investor Resources

How to Make a Fortune with Commercial

Foreclosures and Short Sales (No Cash, No Credit, No exp required)

How to make an extra $90K with just 2 tweaks to a deal…

How to increase property values DRAMATICALLY without spending a dime!
( This is the secret to profits in commercial real estate )…

How to create Higher Rents and Lower Vacancies. ( This is how you increase your monthly cash flow )…

Where to track commercial properties in distress. ( Knowing this keeps profitable deals in the pipeline! )…

3 No Cash Down Strategies. ( Knowing them will allow you to put more deals together )…

How to Lower Expenses to Increase Value. ( This one strategy can make average deals HUGE WINNERS )…

How to Partner with us on your deals! ( Our team does most of the work, you get to profit! )…

How to Raise Money with Social Media

Do you want to know how to use FREE
tools to raise big bucks for your deals?
Then you need to be plugged in to
Twitter, Facebook, & LinkedIn using
the strategies I'm revealing on this
Not active on the social media scene?
No problem. I'm explaining the whole
social networking world that someone
I used to think social media was something
that my teenager plays with.
Not anymore. Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter
are a huge marketing opportunity.
And in this business we are always marketing
for 2 things: deals and dollars.
So as Real Estate Entrepreneurs, it's critical
that we understand how to use these tools for
gaining access to deals and dollars.
And this Thursday, you can begin the marketing
process with me, when you enroll now:
How to Raise Money with Social Media

My Private Money Apprentice group is
meeting tonight...
And you are invited.
Tonight, my Private Money Apprentices
will be coached on:
- how to find their money sources
- how to structure their deals, and
- how to present to their funding sources
Plus they will be masterminding on how
to develop a personal funding plan.
There is no other Private Money Club
like this in the country and we want
you there.


learn about getting NO QUALIFYING FINANCING from PRIVATE FUNDING SOURCES that operate in EVERY COUNTY in the U.S.

How would your life be different if you had access to $1m in funds to do real estate investing?

WE HAVE THE SOURCES FOR CAPITAL to fund almost any deal
2 Year Terms
5 year Terms
10 Year Terms

5% Interest
8% Interest
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Take your life and your Real Estate Investing Career to the NEXT LEVEL. You are GUARANTEED to find MILLIONS of dollars of PRIVATE FUNDS which are available in EVERY COUNTY in the U.S. then PLEASE do yourself a favor and join us for Thursday's Webinar.

you have NOT heard our UPDATED INFORMATION you must be there to learn all the details.

Here's what our students are saying:

"I found 20 private lenders in 30 minutes...this is awesome!"

"I made my first connection with a local private lender, we hit it off great, he is ready with a million dollars in funds"

"Just got done working with my first private lender, we are putting more deals together...thanks a million...literally!"

These are just a few of examples of people who are ROCKING THE WORLD in investing by learning the "secret sauce" to finding ready and willing sources of MONEY that are available for you to use...

Bad Credit / No Credit.....No Problem!!!
NO EXPERTISE NECESSARY...we train you fully from the ground up!

hese are just a few of examples of people who are ROCKING THE WORLD in investing by learning the "secret sauce" to finding ready and willing sources of MONEY that are available for you to use...

Bad Credit / No Credit.....No Problem!!!
NO EXPERTISE NECESSARY...we train you fully from the ground up!

How would your life be different if you had access to $1m in funds to do real estate investing? No REALLY, think about different would your life be?

Your Bank Account?
Your Happiness?
Your Peace of Mind?
Your Enthusiasm?
Your Confidence?

How to Raise Private Funding on the Internet

always looking for partners to
bring me multifamily deal flow for
my buyers and investors.
Apartments are the absolute best
place to begin in the current
commercial money grab.
And Texas is the best place to be
so I'm on the road teaching
commercial multifamily to Texans
this month.
Come see if this might be a fit for you
at my free Multifamily Workshops being
held across Texas this month.
Seats are limited. Reserve yours now:
In 2 hours, you'll learn for FREE:
- How to find apartment deals
- How to fund apartment deals
- How to flip multifamily deals
- How to buy using other people's cash and credit
- 5 ways to get started in apartments
Plus a whole lot more.
It's personal training and Q&A
by me. And it's FREE.
Seats are limited. Reserve yours no
o you want to know How to Raise Private Money
on the Internet and never build a website?
I'm going to show you how to get started
in social media by using it to raise
money for your deals.
Or to flip your apartments to nationwide

Welcome to Ultimate Private Money!

arning: Private Investors are going to start flocking to you soon!

My "Secrets of Private Money Revealed" Audio Program is on it's way to you right now and you should have it in few days in your mail box.

Whether you're looking to fund a multi-million project or your first flip, I'm going to share some game-changing information with you through the Ultimate Private Money email newsletter

It wasn't all that long ago that I thought banks and mortgages were the only way to finance deals. When I started getting private money, the skies opened up and the profits poured in - just like they will for you.

Check out this article on my website to learn more about my first private money deal.

To your success,

Adam J. Davis

P.S. There's no time like the present to start getting private money or learning more about how to get it. Be sure to check out my book titled: The Book on Private Money to learn more!

"Getting Private Money"

Did you know that in the great state of Michigan (where I live) a man legally owns his wife's hair?!

Or, did you know that, by law, everybody that lives in Vermont must take a bath at least once a week? (I think this may be a good one!)


In Atlanta Georgia, it is forbidden to dress a mannequin without first pulling down the window blinds. It is also illegal to tie a giraffe to a telephone pole or street lamp?

Allright...those little facts are going to help you if you are ever on the Jeopardy show with Alex Trebek or if you find yourself engulfed in a Trivial Pursuit death-match with your family at the next Thanksgiving dinner. But, how in the heck is this going to help you get private money to buy real estate?

I'm glad you asked!

Here's the skinny: these old laws are strange and arcane. They are probably not really that relevant to living in a modern society. But, there are some laws that have stood the test of time and they really make sense to keep around. For example, I really like the one about people not stealing.

When you take a look at the real estate investing world, you will see the same thing. No, not a bunch of laws for how to buy and sell property. Rather,you have investing strategies that come and go with the times and you have techniques and principles that work and make sense no matter what.

The reason I'm so fired up about private money is that I believe it is one of those very techniques and principles that lead to virtually unlimited profits and cash flow - no matter what. During an uptrending real estate market, you can use other people's money to edge out competition on better deals. In a market downturn, you'll have the cash horde available to steal bargains when other investors have to sit on their hands.

Right now, "getting private money" is in style. And for good reason. A person's credibility would really dry up if they got up on a soap-box and told you that seller-financing, no money down strategies work today like they did in the past. It's just not true. There's a lot of hype still going on out there that reports that banks are starting to loan again and that credit is easier to get.

I think it is easier to get - compared with 6 months ago. But, compared with 6 years ago...not a chance.

If you really want to build a bullet-proof business - then learning how to get and use private investor financing will give you the ultimate edge. That way, you won't have to worry about what happened in the latest Wall Street Drama or what the minutes were from the last Federal Reserve meeting.

A lot of people want to know where to start with getting private money. This is a fair question. Before you start on the funding warpath, you should first make the decision in your own mind that private money is going to be a part of your business and not a passing fad.

If you just want to poke at it with a stick, then you should take a step back. A private investor will be able to sense that you aren't fully committed and they will be less inclined to lend money to you. once you realize private money is a vital tool- sort of like having a black belt - you should begin without hesitation.
The single most important thing you can remember is this: there is no coronation ceremony where a bunch of wise old real estate investors give you a certificate and tell you that you've earned the right to get private money. Nobody is going to tell you that "you're ready." There's not formal training or certificate to be had.

Why is this the most important thing?

Because far too many real estate investors think that they don't have enough credibility, experience, etc. to get private money. This type of thinking is like cancer for your success.

I've helped real estate investors get private money for their very first deal. And, unfortunately, I've seen the flip side- with real estate investors having 25 years (and hundreds of deals) in experience who can't get over the mental hump of getting private funding.

You see, all you have to do is apply proven methods. And...take action. Don't wait for some magic moment where you think you'll finally be ready. That moment might never come! You just have to get out there.

As much as this real estate market changes, there are still time tested principles that work. Buy a property for less then it's value. Supply/Demand (called "location, location, location" by real estate agents), make sure your numbers work if things don't go 100% to plan.

Having private money behind you will put a very sharp sword in your hand that will work in up and down markets. It just doesn't lose usefulness over time.

Now, on the other hand..about that law in Kansas where you aren't allowed to catch fish with your bare hands....

Sunday, May 9, 2010

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John Alexander
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My Private Lending Made Easy

my Private Lending Made Easy
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Answers To Many Of The Most Puzzling
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Learn how you can use private lending to put your
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Should you personal guarantee a promssory
note (pg. 1)

What to give a lender to keep you out of hot
water (pg. 2)

What to do if they want their money
back (pg. 3)

Getting started with private lenders (pg. 5)

Can you advertise to attract private
lenders (pg. 9)

Great ways to locate real estate (pg. 11)

Interest rates you should be paying (pg. 13)

Awesome marketing ideas to make your
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Goldmine in 'Subject To' deals (pg. 16)

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Do's and Dont's in SEC (securities)
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How to calculate interest earned to the
penny (pg. 30)

Who are your prospects (pg. 32)

How you can locate the best
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What paperwork you need so things
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Why credibility building is important for
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Bonus Section - Talk Radio Show pg. 71

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In this material, you'll also learn
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P.S. Attracting private money is not about
your experience. It's about knowing how to
locate the funds and how to package and
present your deal.

I hand you the keys to the vault tomorrow:

Your Deal to Money Sources

It's amazing times. And that's an understatement,

You can either play the hero or the victim.
It's totally your choice.

Tonight I'm showing you how to play the
hero by matching deals with dollars.

- How to find the money
- How to package the deal
- How to present the package
- How to do it without experience
- How to do it without credit
This is perfect for single family,
multifamily, commercial or notes.

Doesn't matter. You just need to
know how to find the present to money
Would you like to look over
someone's shoulder while they
raise private money & present
their deal?

Would you like someone to look
over your shoulder as you raise
private cash?

Would you like the money sources
handed to you?

If yes, check this out:

"How to Flip or Buy Apartments

Would you like to participate in
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But you have to register to attend:
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How to Find & Present to Money Sources

However, I'm committed to teaching
you how to present to money sources so
I am going to conduct the training live
on Sunday.

How to Find & Present to Money Sources


BTW - more banks were closed by the FDIC

There are even more banks looking to dump
distressed real estate and notes. There's
your deal flow right now.

You just need to get access to the funds.
That's where I come in.

How to Find & Present to Money Sources

Imagine having your own private line of
credit to do deals and without banks or
a credit score.

That's the benefit of knowing how to find
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Join me Sunday live,

P.S. Even though I was sick Thursday,
a student asked me to show him how
to present deals. And this webinar is
my response to his request and the market.

Matching deals and dollars. It's never
been easier.

How to Find & Present to Money Sources

Learn the Secrets of....

....Getting Private Investors to Open Up Their Wallets and Start Writing Checks Until Their Hands Cramp

Private Money List

You can access my private money
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My nationwide list of private money

- what they loan on
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Here's how to get it:

Or call my Training Coordinator at

I'm temporarily posting this because
some attendees reported Sunday they
couldn't hear the audio portion of the webinar,
"Part 1: How to Present to Money Sources".

I apologize.

We'll keep the audio up til Friday
or so.


P.S. This is important stuff. Here's
what 1 attendee to this webinar wrote:

"As always, Lance's course offerings
hit the heart of information in the real
estate investment world that nobody is
talking about. Keep up the great work!"