Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The quickest place to find local private lenders


A few years back, my buddy and former business partner,
Patrick (a young investor who lives in Charleston, SC, and
I were looking through the public records. 
The public records are a magical place :-)
He actually just recently (3 weeks ago) pulled a really targeted
list from the public record for a motivated seller mailing... sent
out 300 letters... got a crazy 16% response rate (people calling
him)... and he closed a deal netting them $10k+ in less than a
Thats a story for another day though :-)
But, it's just to say that when you know how to look strategically
in the public records, what to look for, what to avoid, and how
to contact people... 
... public records are powerful. 
So, back to private money. 
One of the fastest ways to find local people who are lending
their own money to real estate investors for deals is through

the public records (when you do it right). 

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