Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Private Money Syndication Event

At the upcoming Private Money Syndication Event, we will have a room filled
with smart people who have traveled from great distances to be there. Many who
need passports. Each will be spending hundreds to thousands of dollars in airfare alone. 

So, with you being in easy driving distance, it is downright SAD for you to miss this event. 

Frankly...we are puzzled that you are not yet registered.  So puzzled that we would like to make
you a SPECIAL LATE REGISTRATION OFFER as part of an unusual new 'last minute' seminar
marketing strategy that we are testing. 

Here's the deal.  Even though we are technically sold out, we purposely set aside TWELVE SEATS
for people like you who live within easy driving distance, yet haven't registered.  If you act quickly,
you can grab one of these twelve positions.  Here's the special offer: 

PAY AS LITTLE AS 2/3 OFF THE REGULAR PRICE (call 866-817-0103 for exact discount
available)  - And you also get to bring a guest for FREE!!!

You read it right!  In this case, procrastination has its rewards! 
What could be fairer than that? 
Have we finally lost our minds? 

Just look at some of topics we will be covering at the Private Money Syndication Event: …
  • You get all my ready-made presentations to lenders
  •  Get completely comfortable with objections by lenders

  • Discover how to have credibility for your very first deal

  • Get my tested and proven marketing campaigns

  • Become totally comfortable analyzing deals through my case studies

  • Make your life easy by using my software

  • Use my business plan template

  • Confused about debt vs. equity deals? We'll clear that up.

  • And much more...

Miss this event now, miss it forever.  And you can drive to it, while everybody else is being
cavity searched at the airport.  And you can come for UP TO 2/3 OFF THE REGULAR PRICE

What the Heck...While We're Giving Away The Store, We Might as Well Give A Shameless Bribe!!! 

Shameless Bribe #1:  If you decide to bring a spouse, partner with you, they can come FREE 

And… Two Big Fat Warnings. 
First, you've probably noticed the world around us is a bit uncertain at the moment.  A lot of
people are scared, anxious and sleepless (rather than out spending money).  This is called a
crisis in consumer confidence.  In industry, the clamps are on spending.  It takes much more
ingenuity and skill and strategy to get your customers or clients to support you right now than
it did in recent years.  Well, everybody does well when anybody can do well.  Now the herd's
definitely going to thin. 

Second, we're running a business, not a charity.  We dislike doing this 'pay a 2/3 of the price'
deal. But we want to test this concept and besides, we dislike leaving you behind even more! 
So, this opportunity is ONLY AVAILABLE TO THE FIRST TWELVE WHO GRAB IT.  No exceptions.
Twelve and only twelve. No more. If we receive your registration once they are gone, our office
will promptly notify you of our sold-out position. 

Call the office immediately and ask to speak to Barbara (my mother), or Jeannie 781-878-7114
to register now. Or be left alone, let alone, in the jungle. 


Dedicated To Your Fast Path To Success,
David Lindahl, Founder
Creative Success Alliance

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