Tuesday, April 29, 2014


I have this neighbor who went to a really expensive real
estate seminar a few years ago...
... he paid something to the tune of two grand for the 
privilege of being there.
During the presentation, one of the speakers made an
analogy that really struck a chord with my neighbor.
This guy had the audacity to tell the crowd this story:
"Legend has it that the Vikings would sail off to conquer
a new land.  Upon arriving at their destination, the men
would leave the ship.
The Captain would turn toward the ship and send a 
burning arrow into it...
... totally destroying the ship so that the only way the men
could leave would be to win the battle.
To get into real estate, you must burn your ship and jump
into the game all by yourself".
My neighbor came back from this conference on a Sunday.
He went into work the next day and promptly quit his job.
It was a good paying job, but he absolutely hated it.
Showing up at home from work early that day, his wife 
asked him why he was home already...
He told her that he had quit so he could pursue his dream 
of becoming a real estate investor.
This guy was totally pumped from the seminar and thought
he could make it work on his own.
He used up his life savings to buy his first property.  One 
thing after another went wrong and he ended up bankrupt.
His family lost everything - the house, cars and dignity. 
It's quite literally one of the saddest stories I have ever 
heard.  And frankly, it's why I can't stand most real
estate gurus.
The moral of this story is you have to be really careful
with what information you allow to shape your beliefs.
Because what you believe to be true is the most powerful
influence in your life.
Especially in the real estate business. 
You see, there's a whole bunch of people out there that 
will try to sell you on the idea that you can be successful 
all by yourself.
All you need is their "proven secrets" to make it magically 
Which is why we're different from the others.  Here's our
There's nothing new under the sun, there aren't any 
magical secrets that will make you successful in real estate.
And you're going to have a real tough time making it all
happen on your own.
However, if you build a team around you of coaches, mentors
and professionals who've already succeeded in real estate, 
you can make it in this business.
You can eventually realize your dreams through real estate 

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