Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Funding for Commercial Real Estate,

I you need funding for Commercial Real Estate, and have run into nothing but
dead ends.. make sure you read every single word of this email...

The Government has allocated billions of dollars to stimulate the economy and
I recently discovered a fast track to getting you millions of dollars for your Commercial
Real Estate Projects.

Through a connection with a friend of mine who works for the SBA, you can get huge amounts
of money for various Commercial Projects, even Mobile Home Parks in some cases.

BTW- If you want to get a Mobile Home Park, I invited
Frank Rolfe and Dave Reynolds back to do another webinar, since the one
they did 2 weeks ago crashed because I let too many people in to see it. Put
your mouse over the link below to register for the webinar and to find out more
about the Stimulus Money.

==>Click here to Register and Find Out How to Get Your Stimulus Money

Frank Rolfe and Dave Reynolds Know Mobile Home Parks inside and out.
They provide the very best and most detailed training available for
Mobile Home Park Investing. Don't miss the webinar.

But what good is a great deal if you can't fund it?
I saw the first 3 applicants for this Stimulus money get approved..

One of them got approved for $2 Million...

what are you waiting for...

==>Click here to Register and Find Out How to Get Your Stimulus Money

After you register you will get a video that explains how the stimulus money works.

On the webinar, my friend Frank Rolfe is going to reveal his list of:

"15 Things You Never Knew About Mobile Home Parks
That Can Make You Insanely Rich by Owning Dirt"

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