Friday, November 13, 2009

Raising Private Money

I had people there Saturday who came from Dallas,
New Orleans, Victoria, Galveston, and even Los
Angeles (he was in town checking on his

And since raising private money is the most important
skill you must master as an entrepreneur...

And since some people reported they couldn't make
last Saturday because of conflicts...

There's good news... I'm teaching it again this
Saturday, November 14 in Houston.

It's a private, small group setting and you
are invited to learn how to become a private
money magnet.

The cost? It' still Zero. Nada. FREE.

But you need to enroll now to reserve the
physical seat - which is limited by the small
room - this is the last showing:

Choose from the morning or afternoon session.

Previous students said:

"Excellent, very resourceful, what is needed in
order to obtain private funds. Thanks for sharing."
-- Karen Foster

I am the sole instructor. Just me and a small
group of student entrepreneurs like you.

Guess what... There are some money sources who
won't touch deals less than $3 million or less
than $10 million or less than $100 million.

And if you can know how to raise $10,000,000,
don't you think $10,000 or $100,000 will be a
piece of cake? After all, it's just extra zeroes.

Saturday, Nov. 14, I'm showing you how to do it
personally and live in Houston in my 3 hour

You have a choice of 2 times.

These Raising Private Money secrets apply
to any field of real estate, or business - whether
you are looking to acquire or expand or
start-up your business, of any kind.

Need money for start-up? This is how.

Need money to do short sales? This is how.

Need money to buy cash flowing properties? This is how.

And this training is extremely relevant to
the current credit market. The fact that
credit is tight is great news to you - and
This new workshop contains my newest
distinctions from the field - from today's
market place:

- How to find huge money.
- How to present your deal.
- How to structure your deal.
- How much to pay.
- How long to pay.
- How to do it all for FREE.

It applies to:

- Houses
- Apartments
- Notes
- Businesses
- Your Start-Up
- Any commercial venture

You can join me as I reveal these secrets of
the mega-rich when you register now - and the
price is right; it's free:

This is the hottest topic and opportunity
in today's economy. Buying cash flowing
properties for deep discounts and using other
people's money.

Don't be looking back 2 years from now saying,
"I could have bought that deal for a song but

Take action and seize the opportunity now by

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