Saturday, March 27, 2010

Here is a tip on private lending.

Private Lending can be secure if you stick to a secure lending criteria.
For example, here are 2 things to remember:

1. On Single Family Residences, do not go exceed 70% CLTV. Some even use 65% CLTV.
2. Never give borrower's money directly. Go through an escrow (Title) company.

As you probably know by now, private lenders have the benefit of massive passive income. However to retain that massive passive income, you have to keep 3 things in mind:
1. Always do SECURE loans!
2. Always work on building your lines of credit
3. Always look for borrowers

This is further discussed in our eBook "Secrets To Building Massive Cash Flow From Private Lending."

That's it for now, speak to you in 30 days...

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