Monday, March 1, 2010

With all of the negative stuff about the economy flying
around the place right now (I've learned not to pay attention
to main stream media anymore... does nothing to move
you forward in life... only depresses you) Patrick, Susan,
and I keep getting the same question over and over...

"There's no money out there right now. Everyone lost it
already and is just holding onto what they do have left.
So, where am I supposed to get private money?".

Well... the first answer is here:
Where and how to get it <<

I'll explain that here in a bit.

But, the problem isn't a lack of money.

An industry magazine for CPA's estimated that the amount
of money yanked out of the stock market, mutual funds, etc.
that is still sitting "un-invested" by regular people like you
and me here in the U.S. is right around $1 Trillion.

Yep, $1 Trillion.

The funds are sitting in...
* Bank accounts
* Low interest CD's
* IRA's that are losing money (rather than gaining)
* Under mattresses ;-) (I joke, but you'd be amazed)

... and on and on.

And... the reason it's sitting there is because the people
are scared of the stock market and really don't know
another way to earn great consistent returns on their
$ in todays market... so they "settle" for that 1% CD
return they're getting and think thats just what "normal" is.

Bottom line.

There is a ton of liquid money out there right now
and a lot of people looking for places to put that
money so they can again start to gain some of the returns
they've lost in the stock market in recent years.

So, that's where the opportunity comes about for savvy
people like you and me.

For those of us who know how to easily tap into this
money (without ever filling out a loan application, getting
a credit check, or having any cash of our own) we're
able to take advantage of this huge buyers market.

Those who don't know how and where to go to get private
money will sit on the sidelines, see all of the great deals
people are closing... and wonder how those people are
closing those deals and cashing those checks.

Then... in 3 years... after this huge buyers market is over
(and the opportunity is over)... that same person will
go, "Man, if I would have just figured out how to get
money for my deals 3 years ago I would be set for life

Where I'm going w/ all of this is this.

Patrick, Susan, and myself have got over $30.5 million
in private money for our deals (and other investors deals
we know) over the last 6 years.

In late 2008 we decided to start teaching other investors
how we're getting private money in this economy the
way we are... without EVER doing a "lender luncheon"...

Long story short, of those investors we've worked with
in the last 12 months... they've collectively got over
$11 million in private money for THEIR OWN DEALS
just by...

- doing what we've already proven works
- following our steps and weekly action plans (based on
what we ourselves do)
- use our documents, checklists, micro-persuasion tactics
- going to the *right people* and saying the *right* things
- use Patrick, Susan, and I to answer their personal questions
when they hit a roadblock...


Actually... not sure if you've seen this one yet... but check
this out... and how this PMBP student recently got over
$7 million in private money for his deals (I actually helped
him craft his marketing sequence to get this guy).

The $7 million email <<

So, here's the deal.

Patrick, Susan, and I aren't gurus...

... we're not people who decided to make a course and don't
invest ourselves.

Basically... we're "anti" what you're used to seeing in this
market... and we like it that way.

Lol... just to show you... we actually answer our emails from
our PMBP students personally (every day Patrick and I answer
students emails and get back to everyone within 48 hours... because
we care about the results you get).

After you check out that email from Victor (the PMBP student
who sent us the email), take a minute and do this:

1. Close your computer and write down what you want your
life to look like in 3 years.
2. Decide if your current path will get you there
3. Last, decide if getting funding for your deals is your biggest
roadblock. If it is... click the link below and we'll guide you
along how we (and our students) get all of the private money
(OPM in other words) we need for our deals so you can do the same.

Join the PMBP Family And Say "Screw You" To Banks and Hard Money <<

When Patrick, Susan, and I put the PMBP system together, we
combined everything we're doing that works in *todays* market...

... so throw what you know about "getting private money" out
the door (aka, you DON'T need to do lender luncheons... in
fact we would rather you NEVER do them).

We're here for you 100% of the way. So if you have questions
let us know anytime (we do personally answer our emails...
we care... and would rather sacrifice some of our valuable time
working w/ students than have some assistant give "canned

We look forward to seeing you join the PMBP family!

- Trevor & Patrick

P.S. - One of the ways that we've really been using extremely
successfully to get private $ is using the internet.

Since we give our PMBP members everything that we do
ourselves... we pass along what we're testing, what's working,
and what NOT to do.

In this case, DO use the internet (use it the *right way* though
so you don't get into SEC troubles, but as a PMBP member we'll
show you exactly what to do and what not to do to stay SEC

In fact, this next week we're even going to set up a full
"private money getting" website for you as a bonus that
we're currently using to generate private money leads
online for us... it's working like a champ... cost me $3,500
to develop... and I decided to help you out... I'll give
you the same site...

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