Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Private lenders will invest in you first

When I started investing 19 years ago, I worked way harder than I needed to.
It took me years to discover my favorite investing shortcut - Using Private
Money to Get Property for 30 to 40 Percent of Value!

The 2 keys to raising private money are:

#1 - Private lenders will invest in you first, and your deal second.
What this means is that building relationships is essential if you want
to successfully raise private funding.

#2 - Learning what to say can make the difference between getting all
the funding you need and struggling while you wonder if private money
really works.

Alan Cowgill has raised private money for years and has some great
language patterns I've asked him to share with you in his upcoming
"How To Get Wealthy Using Private Money" webinar.

I've also created another free video for you:

"How to Get Private Investors to Fund Your Deals"

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