Sunday, May 5, 2013

Craigslist Ad Template

I've got a Craigslist ad template for ya 
to swipe and deploy in your biz... that 
a friend of mine, Jamel Gibbs, uses to 
get free leads. 
(the download link is below)
This is just one of the templates that 
Jamel uses to cash in on bank owned 
For example, he closed on a 3-unit deal 
on Monday that will make him around 
$7,000 bucks. 
He shows you another one of his 
Craigslist ad templates (plus much 
more) in this video presentation...
Jamel bought another one of these 
deals for $45k recently and is flipping
it on April 26th for a nice $10k profit. 
Anyway, thought you would enjoy
getting a Craigslist ad that you can 
simply cut and paste and immediately
start using... 

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