Saturday, July 10, 2010

Getting your DEAL DONE isn't going to hinge on your credit-score.

If they're not going to worry about it
why should you?

You're not going to let your credit-score
hold you back from getting your DEAL DONE
....are you?

It doesn't matter whether you have a 785 credit
score or a 420 credit-score.

Getting your DEAL DONE isn't going to hinge
on your credit-score.


Traditional lenders like banks and conventional
mortgage companies base almost everything
they do on your credit-score.

Private hard money lenders don't worry
about your credit-score. It is not going
to be the determining factor in whether or
not you get your deal funded.


It's true. It's probably unlikely that you
credit-score is less than 400. Maybe it's 550.
Or maybe it's 640. Or maybe it's 720...or even 850.
In fact, even it your credit-score was a *perfect
850, it would not be the determining factor
of whether or not your deal gets funded or not.

Do NOT let your credit-score hold you back.

The reason they call it "hard money" is because
the loan is made based on "hard assets". Your
credit-score is not a hard asset.

True, your credit-score tells a bank
something about how you have handled your
finances in the past, but private hard money
lenders even loan to people with bankruptcy-
foreclosure-liens-judgments, and-collection
items. You'll notice that when you look at
their programs. And all of those negative
items are what contribute to a low-credit-score.

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