Saturday, July 10, 2010


The impact of this crisis on real estate investors has been overwhelming. Most banks have stopped lending to real estate investors and even hard money lenders are no where to be found. Fannie and Freddie have placed severe restrictions on the number of loans to real estate investors.
This may be the worst economic period since the Great Depression.
All this just as the real estate market is starting to show signs of coming out of its 4 year bear market. Real estate sales are up all across the country and prices are even starting to rise in many markets.

So how do you take advantage of this historic buying opportunity for creating financial freedom and wealth if the banks are not lending.
The answer is getting MONEY from other people, not banks, using Private Lending.
My brand new eBook titled "Private Lending Secrets for Real Estate Investors" is a 86-page eBook that I wrote for developing your private lending program to find prospective private lenders in connection with buying, selling, and wholesaling real estate properties. Did you know, that investors like yourself tell us that "Finding the money" to buy property is the #1 problem that holds them back from making big profits in real estate?

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