Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I got two firm offers and sold that day!"

I got two firm offers and sold that day!"

"I posted my deceased mother's property using the
system. Then, I held an open house on Sunday
and had 12 prospects show in 3hr period.

I got two firm offers and sold that day!

You can waste money on generic sites that do little
to promote you and your business and require more
work to generate leads. Or, you can commit to the
Done-For-You Deals System that works right now
and makes you look like a big money pro. I don't know
how to place a dollar value except that I paid nearly as
much for a program that was teaching me how to build
a virtual site myself, and it left a very bad taste with their
POOR customer service responses. DFYD has
outstanding service and follow-up.

It gives, in a very professional way, what both buyers
and sellers look for, provides a photo of the investor
creating familiarity, enables posting of property photos
with link to a video, and offers more for the investor than
most sites do.

I have in the past wasted a lot of time getting the wrong
kinds of sellers and had to generate a different method
for selling and doing the various functions that the
Done-For-You Deals System does all together.

Done-For-You-Deals is ready to go and provides far more
features than I've ever seen. The system keeps getting
better, provides ongoing education for maximizing its use.
Who else offers this?"

William G. Reau
Westerville, Ohio

"Try it, and you won't regret it!"

"The way the DFYD system is designed, its simplicity,
and the "fr*ee Videos", it attracts people to the site from
all different Tomets. The videos alone are worth at least
$2,000! And, by using the Tometing toolkits,

I'm easily able to attract buyer and seller leads.

The "fr*ee Videos" and auto-responders keep the clients
informed and provide the biggest advantage over similar
systems. Try it, and you won't regret it!"

Edwin Wise

Waianae, Hawaii

"Humans have problems and DFYD solves humans' problems."

"This system is more advanced than other than other
Real Estate Web Sites I have looked at in the past. The
DFYD system works because all homes are occupied by
humans. Humans have problems and DFYD solves humans'
problems.Because Damian's gives GREAT VALUE to his
subscribers, it is easily the biggest advantage of the system.
Compare other Real Estate Web Sites and ask those website
owners how much fr*ee information they receive about Real
Estate after getting their website set up."

Beverly Lowry
Lynchburg, Virginia

"Other websites charge $$$$$$ for every feature!"

"The DFYD system works because it's set up on/for the Internet,
and the Internet covers everything. The other websites charge
$$$$$$ for every part of their product, but the DFYD includes it ALL."

Lori Cutler
Castro Valley, CA


"The DFYD System design and features are general enough to be
applied to any area, yet they can be customized and adapted to
meet any individual's needs in a particular Tomet. The back office
provides a virtual office that can be accessed anywhere. It even
contains all the Tometing and lead information in one place.

The newsletters and videos are powerful because of the relationship
building attribute they provide; they are priceless. The pre-installed
autoresponders, newsletters, and videos that create and foster
a relationship with the client (whether it be a seller, homebuyer, or
investor) are the biggest advantage of the system. Without the
DFY system, it would require more effort on my behalf to create the
systems to build relationships with clients instead of working on
the next deal."

Rudi Vega
Springfield, MA

"It's ever-evolving and ever-improving."

"DFYD stands out from other systems because it immediately
offers website visitors the videos, and it comes loaded with
a series of letters that are ready send out, which is quite special.
It's an ever-evolving, ever-improving system, there's no telling
how great it will become! Without the system, I would have a lot
less at my disposal to create a favorable first impression on a
real estate prospect of any kind."

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