Sunday, July 11, 2010

Private lender's money you can utilize

One of the fastest ways I know to get funding
for your REOs, and short sale and other distress
deals is to talk to a person who is ALREADY
loaning money to other real estate investors
in your town.

See here for more info:

He's already in the biz of lending money to people
like YOU. Nothing to explain to him about the
process. No resistance to overcome.

It's the opposite. He's looking for new customers
like you with good deals.

Just bring the deal, and he'll loan you the money.

As long as you're buying at the right price with
a fat discount, of course. Don't bring skinny
deals to that guy.

How do you find such a person in your town?

Simple .... in public records. If they loaned
money, the mortgage documents were filed
at the county recorder's office.

With private lender's money you can utilize
strategies that'll pay you on day #1, at closing
when you buy the property.

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