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How to Get Your Real Estate Deals Funded in as Quickly as 24 Hours!"

I want to thank you for having the motivation to learn "How to Get
Your Real Estate Deals Funded in as Quickly as 24 Hours!"

The real estate market currently offers investors some of
the best investment opportunities of more than a decade. Thousands
of investors visit our website each month and investors contact us
each day and ask for our help. How do I get my deal funded? What
do private hard money lenders ask for? Which lenders should I
contact? What type of properties are they funding? What kind of
funding is available and what terms are being offered. What do I
need to do?

Signing up for this newsletter was your first step to learn the
answers to these questions. With this knowledge you can learn how
to help your partners, friends, and families prosper and you can
build wealth in real estate investing.

One thing we know for sure, real estate always has been and always
will be one of the best ways to obtain and protect wealth. History
has taught us that. Real estate gives us the opportunity to have
great tax benefits, build equity in our properties, and profits
when we sell. But for many investors, the challenges arise in
finding suitable investor financing. Learning how to obtain
private hard money is key for a serious real estate investor.

The concept of using OPM (other people's money) has been a platform
to building wealth. It is true that most millionaires obtained
their wealth or protect their wealth through real estate investing.

Most real estate investors use the money of private hard money
lenders. It is surprising to learn that not all of these
investors had great credit. Many, in fact, started from scratch
and built their real estate portfolios one property at a time and
developed their relationships with these private hard money lenders.

To be successful in getting your investment properties funded by
private hard money lenders there two steps to follow.

1. Plan on devoting at least 5 to 10 hours a week on your investing

2. Divide that time equally in FOUR areas: FINDING excellent
properties, WRITING OFFERS on those properties, SUBMITTING those
properties to private hard money lenders for funding and finally,

Not every property will be an "excellent" property.

Not every offer will be accepted.

Not every property will be funded.

Successful investors know that there are "numbers" and they use
that to their advantage.

They screen many properties each week.

They prepare to submit offers by having their "proof of funds"
letter ready. And we know the lenders that can give you those

And they FOLLOW THROUGH and submit the properties they
get under contract to their private hard money lender and go to

Next, you need to know the lenders guidelines and avoid submitting
properties that do not meet those guidelines. The right property,
in the right location, for the right lender.

If you do not have any money for incidentals like appraisals,
inspections, etc., get a partner who does. If you are planning to
do rehab, some lenders will also lend you money for that by placing
money in an escrow and then reimbursing you or paying your
contractors directly when the work is finished and an inspection is
completed. Some investors will get a credit card from companies
like Lowes, or Home Depot and use that for materials and even
contractor work. Then they save the receipts and get reimbursed
from the lender.

Don't adopt the mentality that the lender has to fund every
property that you submit.

If the property is an excellent property, and one lender turns it
down go to another lender but don't "burn your bridges".

Remember, it is a relationship game and that same lender that
turned you down may be able to help you on another property down
the road. Don't allow frustration to enter the game!

Private hard money lenders do actually compete for business.
They are already aware of the existence of other private hard money
lenders who loan in their areas and they try to make their loans

Many investors are concerned that their credit score will knock
them out of the ball park when it comes to getting funding from a
private "hard money" lender. This is not necessarily the case.

However if you have an "average" or "bad" property and low credit,
most private hard money lenders will tell you to work with a
partner and look for excellent properties.

So as you can see, your credit score alone is not the determining
factor with private hard money lenders. A low credit score plays a
major role with conventional mortgage companies, however.

The term "hard money" lender is derived from the fact that these
lenders only loan money on "hard assets", preferably real estate.
It could be a single family residence acquired for the purpose of
selling with a profit. Or it could be a single family residence
acquired for the purpose of "rehabbing the property" and creating
value and then selling. Or perhaps you want to acquire the
property for rental. Or it could be a great commercial property!

One of the most important things is to know your wealth strategy.
Are you planning to gain wealth from buying and selling, buying and
rehabbing, or buying and renting or a combination of the three?

Which type of property do you want to concentrate on--residential
or commercial, single family or multi-family?

Lenders also have wealth strategies. They do not lend on every
single type of property in every single geographical area. Some
lenders concentrate on specific types of property and some
concentrate only on specific areas. Some will not lend on rural
property. Some will not lend on land. Some will not lend on
single family. Some will not lend on commercial. Our investors
have learned this and saved themselves a great deal of time and
enabled themselves to become much more profitable by creating a
wealth strategy that is compatible with the wealth strategy of
their lenders. This is fundamental to building a relationship with
a lender. Your lender will always want to know your "exit strategy"
and exactly how you plan to use the money.

A man went into a bank and almost on hands and knees, begged for a
loan. He needed the money desperately to feed his family. The
banker okayed the loan and in no time at all handed the borrower a
check in the amount of the loan. The banker said, "I'd suggest you
go right out and buy some food." The borrower looked at the banker
indignantly and and answered, "Don't tell me what to do with my

Imagine yourself as a private hard money lender. People call you
every day asking you questions about your money. Few of these
callers actually have a specific property. Many of the questions
are hypothetical at best and vague at worst. Lenders tire of this
very quickly. They expect serious investors to do their homework.

They expect serious investors to have excellent properties. And
they expect serious investors to have prepared a "package" or
"application" to be considered for funding. If the private hard
money lender is based in New York City, is it likely that they
will loan on a property in rural Kansas? A few do, but most
restrict themselves to specific types of properties and specific
areas. Why do they do this? This is a key point and worth
remembering. These lenders have relationships with all types of

For example, suppose they provide funding to an investor on a
single family residence and the investor doesn't do what they
promised the lender? For example, suppose they take the
funding and then don't do a very good job of marketing the property
for sale and the property goes back to the lender. Do you think
the lender wants these properties? No, the private hard money
lender is a "money investor", not a "real estate investor". The
private hard money lender depends on "turning the money" over and
over again to make profit on interest and points.

So what happens when a private hard money lender gets a property
back? Well, most of the private hard money lenders have
relationships with real estate investors who are "waiting in the
wings", so to speak, to take those properties off the private hard
money lenders hands. They purchase those properties and then rent
them out. So that is why the LTV (loan to value) ratio must work
for the private hard money lender to be able to help you fund your
property. If a private hard money lender loans on properties with
LTV's that are too high, these properties will not "cash flow"
adequately to provide an adequate interest return to the lender who
purchased the property. In other words, if the private hard money
lender loaned out $50,000 on a property that was likely worth
$100.,000, it would be reasonably easy to sell that property in
case the borrower defaults. The investor who buys that property
from the private hard money lender would then either pay cash for
the property or finance it through a conventional loan. Most of
these types of investors pay cash for the property first, get a
renter in the property, and then finance the property long term or
sell retail to a homebuyer or sell it "wholesale" to another
investor using a "note" or "trust deed" that is secured by the
property. Either way, this type of investor provides a safety net
for the private hard money lender by helping the lender to recover
cash and profits. Everybody wins.

Obviously not all real estate investors are aware of this scenario
and the few who do understand it, know exactly what the private
hard money lender is looking for and why. It is much easier to
develop a win-win situation when you understand these basics. And
because knowledge is power when it comes to real estate investing,
you are able to develop real business relationships with these
lenders. Many of these private hard money lenders loan by
beginning with one loan to see how you do, that is providing you
meet all of their basic requirements. Then after you successfully
perform, they are sometimes willing to loan you money on more than
one property at a time. And once you have established that
situation, you will have easy access to a "proof of funds" letter
that you can use to help you place excellent investment properties
under contract.

Would you like to be able to have funding that would enable you to
close in as quickly as 24 hours?

Would you like to be able to take advantage of the best property
deals out there that have tens of thousands of dollars in real
equity and profits?

Would you like to have a real estate investing "wealth strategy"
that works and uses OPM instead of your money?

Successful real estate investing depends on excellent timing.
When you have the opportunity to acquire an excellent investment
property do you think that you can afford to wait weeks or months
to acquire funding?

Obviously, your success depends on your ability to act quickly.
When you become an investor in-the-know, you know exactly what type
of property you are looking for and exactly who can fund your
property. Likewise, you know your "exit strategy" and how you are
going to make profits. This is all part of your "wealth strategy".

If a private hard money lender tells you that they prefer a 3 or 4
bedroom, 2 bath home, with garage, do you think it is a good idea
to expect them to fund a one bedroom, one bath condo? Or if they
tell you that they prefer a suburban location to a rural location,
do you bring them a mobile home located 60 miles from the nearest
gas station? Common sense tells you that this will not work, but
real estate investors make this mistake each and every day by
attempting to force properties, that they have not properly
screened on private hard money lenders and expect them to "break
the rules" that made them successful money lenders?

The fact that you are seeking this knowledge places you in the top
10 percent of investors because if you KNOW what you need to KNOW,
you are much more likely to be successful as an investor. Play by
the rules and don't try to make up the rules as you go. Remember
win-win. Greed has caused many a real estate investor to fail.
Trying to make too much profit on a single property for example
will cause the property to "linger" on the market. All the while
you'll be paying for interest and eventually the cost of the money
will eat up much of your profit. Isn't it better to do more deals,
reduce your risk, and build your relationship with your private
hard money lenders so they know that lending you money is a good

It is interesting to see some real estate investors expect to get
something for nothing. These "investors" have unrealistic
expectations. For example, many investors think that private hard
money lenders should loan 100% on any type of property and that as
an investor they should not have one cent out of pocket. What do
you think a private hard money lender will think of you if you make
it quite clear that you're not willing to spend any of your own
money in the deal? They will ask themselves one simple question;
"Why do I want to loan money to someone who is afraid to use any of
their own money?" And the second thing that comes to mind is:
"Wouldn't that type of investor be the type to just "walk away" if
the property didn't sell?"

I've been in meetings with private hard money lenders and they all
say the same thing in this regard. "If we are willing to loan
someone money to fund their investment property and they won't pay
for an inspection or an appraisal why do we want to waste our time
with them?" For example, someone representing the lender has to
take TIME to physically visit the property and do title research,
etc. They are willing to do this but sometimes there is a fee of a
few hundred dollars. It is a minor amount of money compared to
what benefits you are to receive when your property is funded,
locking in potentially tens of thousands of dollars in profits. If
you don't have ANY money, take in a partner who does. The old
saying "It takes money to make money" is true. It may take a
little money and a little commitment on your part to become a
serious, profitable, and successful investor. Serious investors
know this and they expect to conduct business and not try to take
advantage of others because it casts a very bad impression.

Obviously you don't just want to be giving fees away to people for
nothing of value. However, recognize that your time is worth money
and so is other's time worth money. If you misrepresent a property
to a private hard money lender for example, like a property that is
"gutted out" and not inhabitable and make it sound like a property
that is ready to market, don't feel badly when the lender who
already told you that they don't loan money on such types of
properties tells you that the inspection fee of $295 is not
refundable after the lender dispatches the inspector to the

Can you see yourself investing a little to make a lot?

It's important to be reasonable when creating a win-win situation.

Efficient utilization of your time is also very important in getting
your real estate deals funded quickly. When you develop your
Wealth Strategy, you realize that you should not try to do
everything yourself. It is important to utilize other people's
time and resources as part of a win-win approach to investing.

Some real estate investors spend all of their time looking for
properties and not enough time on the funding sources. Some
investors spend all of their time trying to develop funding sources
and not enough time on finding great investment properties. You
need to strike a balance if you want to find, close and fund your
deals quickly.

Any type of information on any topic can be found on the internet.
The question is, where is your time best invested? Do you want to
be writing offers on property and submitting real deals for funding
or do you constantly want to be trying to compile and organize
information that is necessary to your business?

To be effective in getting properties funded quickly, you need to
be very organized. You should be spending about 10 to 15 hours a
week on your business, with 80% almost equally divided between
writing offers on property and submitting deals for funding.

The other 20% of your time should be invested in negotiating,
closing, accompanying inspectors and appraisers, and the REAL nuts
and bolts of investing.

Sometimes it is easy to get distracted and you try to wear too many
hats. The internet is like a vast ocean and just because it is
there doesn't mean that you should try to swim it when it's easier
to rent a charter boat. Time wasted is not time invested. Invest
your time in the deals. Invest your time in relationships. Invest
your time learning your investing market. It is the only way to
successfully navigate the real estate world. If you are not
closing deals, you are doing something wrong.

Most of the time it is simply not recognizing the mistakes you are
making and repeating them over and over again.

Real estate investing is not for everyone and those who are
successful soon learn that they get better results by modeling
success and doing what successful real estate investors do.

If you're serious about your real estate investing business, set a
small amount of money aside so you will have the basic tools that
you need.

If you're not willing to invest any money in real estate investing
tools, you should probably reconsider whether real estate investing
is right for you.

Of course, you can also go overboard on investing in tools. I know
people who spend tens of thousands of dollars on real estate
courses, coaching and mentoring and never even write one offer on
property. There are people who spend hundreds of dollars a year on
subscribing to foreclosure listing services and never write an
offer. The basic tools you need for real estate investing should
not cost you more than a few hundred dollars at most so you can
have a steady supply of good investment property and funding
sources. Think of it this way. If you want to build a house, you
can try to create the plans yourself, and although you will have
many drawings and spend a lot of time trying to do it yourself, you
will probably never have what you need to actually build the house.

If you can afford to, you can hire a high cost architect to
create a custom design for you. Or you can buy a set of
blue-prints for a home you like and then just make minor
modifications suited to your needs. Most people start with blue
prints because its a a cost-effective way to go to the next step,
which is getting a building lot, lining up construction financing,
and hiring a contractor.

You can be a successful investor in your own city or town or you
can concentrate on a specific real estate market anywhere in the
country. You may decide that you want to have two or three private
hard money lenders that you use on a regular basis. One thing is
for sure, if you know how to get your real estate deals funded in
as quickly as 24 hours, you will have the best and most profitable
investment property opportunities at your feet. Do you want to be
in that position? Is that a yes?

This can be your year. Many successful real estate investors are
able to make what they earn on their jobs in an entire year with
just a few good deals. Some successful investors just want to make
a few thousand extra dollars a month. Which is your wealth

When real estate property values were rising fast, many investors
sat on the sidelines. Then they got in and started investing when
the property values were already reaching their peaks. They lost
money. Now those same properties are available for literally
pennies on the dollar and without tax liens. You can acquire
them. The properties are there and the funding is there. But real
estate investing is not for everyone. And that is exactly why so
many people are able to do so well in their local real estate
markets. They know which areas of town are difficult areas and
would be difficult to sell a property in. They study the local
economics and don't buy in areas where there are floods of vacant
properties. They acquire the right types of properties that
lenders are seeking to loan on. They know which private hard money
lenders to contact and they do a great job in working closely with
their lender to create a win-win scenario. They get their
properties funded fast because they play by the rules and follow
their wealth strategy.

I remember my first time talking with a lender, over 25 years ago.

I was nervous. There were terms I didn't understand. I learned that
I had asked the wrong lender to loan money on the wrong type
of property. I didn't ask the right questions and when the lender
asked me questions I wasn't prepared. I didn't do my homework
because I really didn't know where to start. I assumed all lenders
were the same.

I had no idea how many lenders there were and all the
different programs that they had to offer. I can only look back
now and laugh, but at least it was a start. Many beginning and
experienced investors encounter these same problems but you don't
have to keep repeating those mistakes over and over again, don't
you agree?

It would be a total waste of time to just sit on the sidelines and
watch people who are serious about investing when all it comes down
to in order to be just as successful is to know which lenders to
submit deals to and have your choice of excellent investment
properties to present for funding. Of course it is a learning
process but few worthwhile endeavors don't require some investment
of time and resources in order to become successful and profitable.

And you'll never know whether you could be successful at something
until you try.

Late night infomercials show real estate investors cruising around
in yachts and partying. I'm sure there's more than one successful
investor who is actually able to do that but there is also some
work involved. And in reality, your most successful investors
choose to invest their time and money more wisely. Real estate
investing, thank goodness, is not hard labor and it pays very, very

Sometimes we are all very curious about something before we
become serious about it. What we must understand is that all we
really need to understand is how to take the steps and then to
patiently take those steps and follow through. There will
probably not be a better time and easier time to acquire good
investment property than right now. Five years from now, we don't
want to look back and say, "If only I had gotten started then. . ."

Once you have created your Wealth Strategy, stick with it. Think
of it as creating a "cookie cutter". You can always make minor
changes to adapt to the market but it is best not to change
everything up every month.

When you develop your Wealth Strategy, identify specifically WHY
you want to be a successful investor and use that as a motivation
tool to guide you and to help you restrain from taking risks which
could adversely affect your financial future.

More than one successful investor has started by acquiring modest
properties and re-selling them for good profits only later to start
doing loans on larger and larger properties and taking on more and
more risk until the investor's tried and true "wealth strategy" was
abandoned. Greed can be your downfall. You can easily avoid
that mistake by remembering the more challenging times of when you
started out in real estate investing and you were learning the

You will soon learn how important it is to protect your profits.

The stronger you become, the easier it will be to attract
more money. Once lenders have worked with you successfully and you
have a win-win, even the cost of money can be less and your deals
will be even more profitable.

You can join a select few real estate investors who KNOW where to
get the funding AND where to get the best investment property.

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