Thursday, May 13, 2010

New Finding Private Lenders Video

Hey Everyone,

Hot off the presses...

1. My New Finding Private Lenders Video...

2. Alternatives To High Risk Mortgage Refinancing...

3. Super Bunny...

My New Finding Private Lenders Video...

Watch my latest video on finding cash for deals
by going to...

Alternatives To High Risk Mortgage Refinancing...

Most investors find themselves in a cash crunch at one time
or another. Vacancies, renovations, changes in mortgage terms
and interest rates, municipal fees and taxes, it can all add up.

Read the rest of this article by going to...

Super Bunny...

So yesterday I was mowing the back 40 here on my ranch.

Picture a riding lawn mower tearing down everything in it's path.

Then with my turbo powered weed eater, I was chopping
down the growth around the citrus trees...

When all of a sudden...out pops this bunny!

How did it survive all my gas powered machines that
are built to tear apart? Heck if I know!


Be defensive. Look for chances to survive and get ahead.
ACT! If this bunny would have stayed in it's place without
acting, it would have been clippings...but it ACTED!

Now go have some fun and I'll share
more ways for you to earn cash soon...

And remember, whatever it is,
I know YOU can do it!

Warm Regards,

Mark Walters~
3rd generation real estate investor

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