Thursday, May 27, 2010

Government Deal Funding Programs

Investor did you ever wonder how the big time investors fund their multi-million dollar commercial investments?

Yes, there's seller financing, conventional financing, private money, and more, but often times there's a well-guarded secret ingredient mixed in that can help:
* Decrease the amount of private money needed
* Provide tenants in multi-family properties
* Offset taxes making the deal more profitable

What can do all of this and more?

Government Deal Funding Programs created specifically for Real Estate Investors and Developers

Tomorrow night at 9:00pm EST / 6:00pm PST, I'm going to be hosting a first-ever interview with government deal funding expert Sean Carpenter on how he gets funding for his deals, what programs are available and more.

Spaces are very limited for this special interview and I've been hounding Sean for months to do this call with us as I know how important financing is to getting deals done in today's market.

This call is tomorrow night at 9:00pm EST / 6:00pm PST, and since lines are limited, I urge you to reserve your spot right away before we're full. Find out more and pre-register by visiting:

p.s. Sean's a busy guy, doing his own deals and consulting with his clients on government funding programs available for their projects, and I feel quite fortunate that I was able to secure this call with him. You'll kick yourself if you miss my webinar with him tomorrow. Find out why here:

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