Thursday, May 13, 2010

How to Raise Money with Social Media

Do you want to know how to use FREE
tools to raise big bucks for your deals?
Then you need to be plugged in to
Twitter, Facebook, & LinkedIn using
the strategies I'm revealing on this
Not active on the social media scene?
No problem. I'm explaining the whole
social networking world that someone
I used to think social media was something
that my teenager plays with.
Not anymore. Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter
are a huge marketing opportunity.
And in this business we are always marketing
for 2 things: deals and dollars.
So as Real Estate Entrepreneurs, it's critical
that we understand how to use these tools for
gaining access to deals and dollars.
And this Thursday, you can begin the marketing
process with me, when you enroll now:
How to Raise Money with Social Media

My Private Money Apprentice group is
meeting tonight...
And you are invited.
Tonight, my Private Money Apprentices
will be coached on:
- how to find their money sources
- how to structure their deals, and
- how to present to their funding sources
Plus they will be masterminding on how
to develop a personal funding plan.
There is no other Private Money Club
like this in the country and we want
you there.

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