Thursday, May 13, 2010

How to Raise Private Funding on the Internet

always looking for partners to
bring me multifamily deal flow for
my buyers and investors.
Apartments are the absolute best
place to begin in the current
commercial money grab.
And Texas is the best place to be
so I'm on the road teaching
commercial multifamily to Texans
this month.
Come see if this might be a fit for you
at my free Multifamily Workshops being
held across Texas this month.
Seats are limited. Reserve yours now:
In 2 hours, you'll learn for FREE:
- How to find apartment deals
- How to fund apartment deals
- How to flip multifamily deals
- How to buy using other people's cash and credit
- 5 ways to get started in apartments
Plus a whole lot more.
It's personal training and Q&A
by me. And it's FREE.
Seats are limited. Reserve yours no
o you want to know How to Raise Private Money
on the Internet and never build a website?
I'm going to show you how to get started
in social media by using it to raise
money for your deals.
Or to flip your apartments to nationwide

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