Sunday, May 9, 2010

My Private Lending Made Easy

my Private Lending Made Easy
newsletter, I know you are interested in the latest
news and developments in the real estate industry.
That's why I wanted to be sure to let you know
about ...


Answers To Many Of The Most Puzzling
Real Estate Questions


Learn how you can use private lending to put your
real estate business on the fast track.

Get my expert, in-depth answers to some of the
most frequently asked questions in real estate

Should you personal guarantee a promssory
note (pg. 1)

What to give a lender to keep you out of hot
water (pg. 2)

What to do if they want their money
back (pg. 3)

Getting started with private lenders (pg. 5)

Can you advertise to attract private
lenders (pg. 9)

Great ways to locate real estate (pg. 11)

Interest rates you should be paying (pg. 13)

Awesome marketing ideas to make your
phone ring off the hook (pg. 14)

Goldmine in 'Subject To' deals (pg. 16)

What to do if you have to provide proof
of funds (pg. 18)

Do's and Dont's in SEC (securities)
Regulations (pg. 20)

How to calculate interest earned to the
penny (pg. 30)

Who are your prospects (pg. 32)

How you can locate the best
properties (pg. 36)

What paperwork you need so things
go smoothly (pg. 39)

Why credibility building is important for
you (pg. 51)

Bonus Section - Talk Radio Show pg. 71

- And many, many more!

This is your chance to tap into my mind
as one of the industry's premier private
lending experts and receive a boatload
of insider tips and profit-generating secrets
that you can use to get lenders to literally
line up and give you their money!

In this material, you'll also learn
more about how I built my thriving business.

To gain access to this valuable resource, visit:

This information contains the insight and
additional private lending information that
could allow you to begin earning the
fortune you've always dreamed of ... so
don't delay!
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BONUS #2 'Creating Wealth Using The
Power Of Auctions' e-Book. A $29.95 value.

BONUS #3 'Finding Motivated Buyers and
Sellers for Self-Directed IRAs' e-Book.
A $49.95 value.

That's a total savings of $129.90 if you
If you have any questions, please e-mail me
at, or phone
me toll free at 866-831-3540.

All the best,

Alan Cowgill

P.S. Let me assure you, if you have a question
about private lending, chances are it's answered
in this material!

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