Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Securing Private Funds The Easy Way

From the desk of Thomas Kish,
National Business Credit Expert.

So why Private Money?

There are 5 Really Great Reasons I do it!

1. Speed: Securing Private Money funding is a lot faster than
getting a conventional lender to release money.

2. No Credit Checks: If you haven't been an angel with your
finances, funding becomes almost impossible to find, unless
it's private money. Private Money lends on the deal and not
on you.

3. Unlimited Funds: You're not limited to the banks, if you
have a stellar property, you will find the funds.

4. You're in Control: The more you know about private money,
the more you can be in control of the loan rather than the loan
owning and controlling you.

5. You Can Make Offers With Confidence: Probably the best
thing about hard money is that you can make an offer on a
great deal and know that the funding will be there.

Learn how to get the 5 top benefits on Thursday Night!

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